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The Business

What is a freedom business?

A "freedom business" exists to provide freedom through employment for women who have been trapped in the sex trade and as a means of prevention for those who are vulnerable to trafficking.

How does a freedom business work?

Freedom Trade is specifically committed to forming intentional relationships within the communities and the brothels of India. Trust is essential. We believe that freedom businesses have the power to enrich & transform entire communities. We also know that it takes much effort to provide a safe & nurturing environment for these women. In many situations, it is difficult for a woman to recover from the physical, emotional, & mental trauma of being treated as property and sold as a commodity. Through partnership with local trusts we help her rediscover her identity and learn basic literary skills. Counselors guide her through making wise and educated decisions for her new life: where she will live, how to manage a budget, and learning to prosper in an environment of freedom. When we discern that a woman is ready, she is taught the necessary skills to create a product she can be proud of and earn a fair wage that she keeps. After finding freedom, that woman then becomes a catalyst of change for others like her to experience freedom too.

How can I make a difference?

It takes an entire community to rehabilitate a woman on her journey to freedom. We ask that you partner with her and be the support that leads her to freedom! Your help is vital to her and her family’s success, and enables & equips us to give vulnerable women a business alternative. With a strong support system, a freedom business cannot fail. It takes a lot of time, research, and effort - but these women are worth it! You make our work and that of our partners a reality. To find out more about how to get involved, click here.