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The International Justice Mission declares human trafficking in India to be an epidemic. Here a woman is sold into slavery every 8 minutes while about 12 million minors are sold annually. While sex trafficking is undoubtedly an issue for the entire country, a high percentage of its victims are rescued from West Bengal. Even though these statistics can be overwhelming, we have hope for these victims, this state, and this country. And you can join us!

You can help our efforts by: 

Educate: Create a conversational space and growing community that inspires others to fight for freedom. Consider hosting a Freedom Party in your home, workplace, or local venue and turn awareness into action.

Volunteer: Changing the world takes a lot of hands and feet. Head over to our contact page and inquire about volunteer opportunities & dates.

Partnerships: We can't do this alone. Help us be effective by bringing energy, essential resources, creativity, & freedom to others while walking alongside our efforts. You can see some of our partners listed here. If you are interested in partnering with us, please send inquiries to our contact page.

Become a Sponsor/Donate: Your support goes directly to support the greatest needs: field workers, freedom businesses and successful product research and development. All of our programs work to uplift the entire community, eliminate illiteracy, poverty, and human trafficking. Any donation is useful and fruitful no matter the amount!

If you would like to know how to fund specific areas of need such as research projects, businesses, or buildings, please connect with us through our contact page. To support a specific field worker, please note their name when entering your payment.

Shop Amazon Smile: Do your shopping through Amazon Smile and they will donate a portion of your purchases to us!

Freedom Keys: At Freedom Trade we endeavor to unlock freedom for captives held in a cycle of illiteracy, poverty, exploitation, and human trafficking. We take used keys and repurpose them into beautiful articles of jewelry to be worn as a symbol of the transformation that takes place when freedom is achieved. Wearing your key is a great way to create awareness about the global slavery epidemic currently taking place. If you have some old keys you don't use anymore, head over to our contact page and find out how you can get them to us!

Be sure to follow us on social media, give us a shout out, and participate in #FreedomKeyFriday!