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November 2021 Update

Hello Freedom Trade Family,

 We hope this update finds you well and looking forward to the holiday season. 

We want to update you about what is currently happening in India for us. Our small team, Mina and Senjuti, understand that at this time we cannot secure work VISAS to return to the country. Even travel between cities in India is still slow and limited at times for nationals due to the ongoing pandemic, along with a devastating monsoon season in our state that has made things even more challenging. We are hoping that we will be able to go visit and support them on a tourist VISA at a later date. This has put them completely in charge of visiting the local brothel area and the business start-up. Since they are taking the lead on these endeavors, we thought it would be best for them to make the decision as to what type of freedom business they would like to start, and they have decided that they would like to sew. We have released the funds for the purchase of sewing machines and a sewing instructor. Having this instructor to teach the women the technical skills of sewing will allow Mina and Senjuti to focus more on the many issues that surround a woman coming out of sex trafficking. 

This is a new venture for Senjuti. She is well-educated but has no previous experience with freedom businesses. She is the one working on all of the logistical details to get the business up and running. Mina has many years of experience working in this industry (she was formerly trafficked and rescued herself) but her time has been spent mainly focusing on the recruitment and healing processes of the women, not so much on the business end. We continue to offer them guidance and support with regular Zoom calls. As they have spent time in the brothel community, they have identified some at-risk women and children who have a great interest in working with them. There are so many deserving of this opportunity, making this a very difficult decision. Prayerfully, Mina and Senjuti will be able to raise up other leaders which will increase the number of women that we can employ in the business. Of course, we all wish this process could go faster so that many more women can live in freedom. We are so grateful that our office has withstood the recent flood damage in the area! Hopefully, it will be humming with machines and women healing over cups of chai soon.

Here stateside we continue to support not only our India team, but also the teams of other budding freedom businesses as well. We are showcasing some of their items at Sozo Trading Co. located at 4 41st Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35222. If you are in the area check out our booth in the sustainability section and do some Christmas shopping. 

Speaking of Christmas shopping, we are so honored to be returning to the Summit Crossings Advent Sale that supports Never Thirst. This is always one of our best events each year. Please come see us at our booth on November 20th at 7200 Governers West in Huntsville from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.  We love all the vendors at this event. You will find numerous local artists, non-profits, ministries, and missionaries selling the best gifts for the season. A portion of all booth sales goes towards bringing clean water to the eastern Sahara region of Africa. 

 We appreciate your continued faithful support and prayers for us as we navigate how we can best serve India and our small team there during this continued pandemic. It has forever changed the way we are able to do our work. We continue to seek God for guidance and opportunity to set the captives free, bring physical and spiritual nourishment to the poor, orphaned, and widowed. 

 Until All Are Free,

The Freedom Squad 

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